Extended Kindergarten

Choose from our 9:30 – 17:30 8-hour program and our 9:00 – 19:00 10-hour program.


We educate our students to not only speak English, but also read and write the language. Our students will complete the equivalent of a Grade 2 elementary phonics program in the United States before beginning Grade 1 at elementary school. We use a highly academic curriculum.

Pick-Up / Drop-Off

Families can choose an optional extra of having their child picked up and dropped off near their home.

Prime Academic Preschool Kamikitazawa

It’s so exciting! And so academic!
Creativity is built through natural experiences and projects.
The extended kindergarten works through full English immersion and is open to students aged 1 up to before the students begin elementary school.
A new school opened in April 2021 and is only a 2 min. walk from Keio Kamikitazawa station!



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