Easter Baskets

To kickstart our preaccess for today, we delved into the significance of Easter, discussing its cultural importance and when it is celebrated. We explored the unique ways Easter is celebrated in Japan and America, highlighting the differences and similarities between the two cultures. It was a fascinating cultural exchange that broadened our understanding of the world around us.

After our enriching discussion, we transitioned to the highlight of the day—creating Easter baskets! Using printouts on construction paper, we crafted adorable Easter baskets themed like rabbits and chicks. The children’s faces lit up with excitement as they carefully colored and decorated their baskets , infusing them with their unique artistic flair.

As the vibrant hues of crayons and markers danced across the paper, the classroom buzzed with creativity and joy. Each child poured their heart and soul into their creation, resulting in a colorful array of Easter baskets ready to be filled with holiday delights.

With each stroke of the pen and dab of glue, the children not only honed their artistic skills but also fostered a deeper appreciation for cultural traditions and celebrations.

As our art session came to a close, the children proudly admired their handiwork, eager to share their creations with loved ones at home.