PAPizza Party!

Welcome to the last blog post of the PAP school year! This year has been a blast and we celebrated with a little party. What is a party without pizza?

Our K3 had a special party to celebrate their graduation. We decided on the orders a day before and anticipated the delivery.

Before that, we had some time to buy snacks for the afternoon. The students looked so happy finding the snacks they wanted.

They discussed what snacks to share with the budget they had and it was a very funny conversation.

”We have enough for one more ¥20 snack!”

After our shopping adventure, we arrived back at school for games. Jeopardy was the first and students were so focused on winning.

The next game was from the Switch! The K3 students never looked happier!

Then came the finale. Pizza arrived, students grabbed their cups, drinks, and food and never looked back. Such an eventful day for a great group of students.

Good luck at elementary and we can’t wait to see you all back in the afternoon classes!

Have a great weekend.