Shapes and Pattern Blocks!

Hello Thursday readers! It was quite a day here at PAP! Our fun activity to share was playing with some shapes and pattern blocks.

Our K3 students went over the names of shapes and learned about more difficult ones such as octagon, nonagon, and decagon (shapes with 8, 9 and 10 sides).

”What is a heptagon?” “I want to eat this shape-agon!”

After sorting shapes and reviewing them, we had a contest. Our students raced to see who could match the patterns with the correct blocks. We had different designs to make the race more interesting.

Students took turns using the phrase “I need (shape)”. For example, I need 3 triangles or I need 1 hexagon.

Their concentration was strong and they weren’t going to lose!

After the students had a little fun, they had their own independent shape-building time. It was fun to see their creativity.

Today was very successful and the students really learned how shapes could be used. They even designed shapes to turn into another shape like 2 trapezoids creating another hexagon.

Here are a few more snippets of the day.


Have a good weekend and see you next time!